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Strengthening the Church Community

A Call to Action!

Statistics from Barna Research recently reported that the top reasons people leave a church have to do with not being connected in the church and being disgusted by gossip and turned away by conflict and strife and ineffective teaching and pastoral care.

In actual numbers, 36 percent fewer Americans attended church weekly in 2020 than in 1993. This change could be related to several reasons, including the growing number of Gen Z and Millennials making up the U.S. population.

Also, they feel that the teaching is irrelevant to their daily needs. Thus, making the teaching uninformative, without depth, or relevant to them, making it ineffective worthless for them to grow or use in their daily lives. Another big turn off is being overly money-orientated focused on their money but not them.

Also, people leaving the church site disputes about who gets to be a part of or lead in the church, past, and current church scandals, and perceptions of the church’s role in politics, to name a few.

The top reasons people leave a church would suggest that the church experience is the problem!

If we don’t change this, do you realize what is going to happen? We must move back to the basics of the Word of God for what is acceptable and what is not.

If you and I don’t do this, Satan will win; we will have failed Jesus in completing what He started. If we are going to be successful, we must do this immediately.

We must take better care of the believer and the church. Listen, we as a family must do this.

We must empower a generation of professing believers while developing a new era of Church leadership. This empowered new era of Church leadership will bring the church together as never experienced before.

This empowered new era of Church leadership will impact the church and the world for righteousness and justice. This empowered, new era of Church leadership is an entirely new approach to serving God. We are entering an era of spiritual empowerment for the Church as God moves it to spiritual maturity.

The church must become a symbol against fear and hopelessness; only then will it lead people into a meaningful church experience as they learn to experience God for themselves. The teaching must become informative and relevant to them, making the experience useful and valuable for them to grow and use in their daily lives.

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