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Rising Star Youth Development

Building the Kingdom of God on Saint at a time

The objective is to teach what God’s love looks like towards mankind

and in return to teach the youth what Love for God looks like through focusing on the characteristics of


The Overall focus of Rising Star Youth Development is character development.

Children may begin Rising Star Youth Development as early a parent desires. 

Dayspring's spiritual youth development program provides the structure to train young people to develop the spiritual attitudes, habits, beliefs and ideas which reprogram our brain and body to practice righteousness. This structure determines how we organize ministries, opportunities so that young people can develop to their full spiritual potential. This progression of training develops the behavior patterns and perceptions that we hold consciously or subconsciously which are the basic make-up of the kingdom community which consists of everything we do in life as believers. This provides a distinct identity for us as born–again believers. These biblical truths and perceptions are the only foundation for spiritual unity, growth and oneness of mind; where everyone is on the same accord. This approach sets the foundation that is necessary in the formation and maintenance of the Church culture. As believers no longer conformed to the world system, we are developing a culture that represents the kingdom of God.

Kids of all ages are welcome. Newborn and beyond!  Join us!

Rising Star Youth Development is conducted every Sunday morning at 9:00am EST until 10:00Am Est.

BrotherHood Ministry

Building Family and Community

The Abundant Life brotherhood was established to assist men and families in the Christian community maintain and repair their property and their lives.

Our focus is on encouraging men to take responsibility for their own private lives. No one else can or will do these for a man.

The foundation of Abundant Life Brotherhood is building relationships.

It takes real and deep relationships for men to feel a sense of community with one another.

If we only call men together to “do” there will be no glue to hold them together when the planned event is over. Events attract men, relationships make them stick! 

The mission of Abundant Life Brotherhood is to promote camaraderie, discipline, teamwork respect, confidence and character


Encouraging men to step up into their role of leadership and responsibility.

Fellowship Times: Second and Fourth Saturday

Hands Up

Spiritual Counseling

Strong Support System

Spiritual Counseling is available to ensure every member is successful and accountable to your spiritual growth and Development. In order to be successful counsel is necessary.

Ministries: Ministries
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