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Welcome to Dayspring Christian Church

Building the Kingdom of God one Saint at a Time

At Dayspring Christian Church,

our purpose is to equip God's people

for service and to delight in His glory and declare that glory to the nations.

We believe we were put here to glorify God and enrich each other’s lives!

The emphasis of this pulpit ministry is the careful study and verse-by-verse exposition of the Bible, with special attention devoted to being led by the Holy Spirit for righteous living.
The focus of  the ministry is righteous living, relationships, teaching and practicing a high standard for loving God along with developing, restoring and maintaining relationships.
We begin by teaching members how to establish a true love relationship with God and who God created them to be before the fall. This is crucial to understanding who and what sort of person you have become since birth, and how you relate to others. This allows you to determine what changes have to be made in your mind to carry out God’s will for your life. (1Thess. 4: 3-8)
This process changes the member’s perspective on life. They now understand that each day is designed by God to reveal to them what is truly in their hearts, whether they will obey him or not in all situations.
This allows members to understand that there is no such thing as a bad day, only another opportunity to practice their obedience to God; so that their faith and love for Him can grow stronger.

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The Dayspring Experience

" Until the whole world knows!"

By becoming a member of Dayspring Christian Church you will discover stability, security and your purpose in life. 

You will be taught to take control of your life, no longer influenced by the opinions, actions and behind the scene scheming of others. 

Dayspring is a place where you will truly fit in and be valued by all. You along with all other members will become truly successful in the things you put your hands to. You will enjoy true gratification and satisfaction in all aspects of life. 

In your training, you will be positioned so Satan's attacks on you will become idle threats. 

You will experience the living word of God in your life, with no gimmicks or hype.

Dayspring is a place of true unconditional love being displayed by all.

Your church experience will be life changing and beyond belief and it will be supported by the ENTIRE word of God.  You will truly experience the abundant life characterized by righteous living. Life will be good and complete!

This is Dayspring's guarantee to you!

It is a long and hard journey, however the benefits to your life are well worth it!

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Come Fellowship with Us!


  • Bible Study 7:00 pm


  • Rising Star Youth Development: 9:00 am

  • Worship Service Sunday: 11:00 am

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617 US-401
Warrenton, Warren County 27589

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